Wednesday, October 12, 2016

In Celebration

"Of what?" you might ask.
Might be more fun to guess.
The hints are the words 
themselves...but writing,
(always a cause to celebrate),
is not it.

Good guess.

Perhaps the state of mind I'm
in....oops! I just told you! But
you still don't know what that is,
or why. What and why are the
reasons I celebrate(?); I celebrate
the truth. 

I celebrate the ephemeral 
moment the lime falls from my 
tree. I celebrate the music of
John Fahey, hermano. I 
celebrate this cigarette, and this
one and this one. I celebrate
that I can still walk, my general
health, clean sheets at night,
when I open the window in the
morning, reacting to my friends,
buying milk, smiling at a child...
blowing its mind.

Yes, the ephemeral 
eternity of now. 
I just gave it away.


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