Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I Don't Speak Bullshit

I was at the coffee house and there was
a table with five people at it, three of
whom I knew. I got my coffee and moved
a chair to the doorway so I could smoke.
The table was lively with discussion. As
I was about to leave, Don, whom I knew, 
said: "What's the matter...not social? Don't
want to join us?"

"I'm sorry, but I don't speak bullshit."

They all heard that, and there was some 
reaction. Don said: "That was a pretty 
snarky thing to think you're
better than us?"

"It's not that...maybe if I explained myself,
you'd understand." One woman left in a 
huff...the others remained.

"You're all adults...went through the growth
process...had your share of challenges..
now you're somewhere in the middle of 
your lives. You have some problems to 
deal with, you experience some joys, and
you probably have some plans you want to I right so far?

It's all has not much to do with 
the importance of life. When you were 
young, you might have thought about 
the meaning of life, contemplated what life,
in fact, was...but then you got busy. You 
got involved in various ways and were
captivated by the process. Instead of 
remaining curious and making some effort
to understand life, you took it for granted.
Hence, bullshit ensued...the bullshit of self
importance and the meaningfulness of the
trivial details which caused you to lose the
sense of life itself. So, whatever comes 
out of your mouths is an expression of 
that bullshit. I don't have time for that."

"That sounds pretty arrogant," said Don.

"Hey, don't blame me...blame the truth...
that thing you only have a use for when
it seems helpful and seems to agree
with your conceptions."

I left then. The table was quiet as I was



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