Sunday, October 2, 2016

Gone For Good

Don't come knocking on my door...
I'm here, but I ain't coming out,
not to say the same things again,
and again, all like before.

What do you want to talk about;
the weather,
what's happening to the world,
who's your favorite band?

How's your garden? Did you
fix your roof? Jimmy's doing
well in school...Susan couldn't
care less and you're worried?

Enough novels have been written,
enough sit-coms to distract you
from the life you can't get a handle
on because you haven't been
paying attention.

I'm sorry your insurance went up,
that you had to put down your dog,
about your argument with a 
neighbor about a, I'm
really not. Get with life or off the could surprise me...
maybe... if you suddenly
came to life again,
like when you were three.


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