Monday, September 12, 2016


Don't tell me this just now just happened,
because, right now, is it the same thing?

Nothing happens because the results are
eventually lost in time. There is only
circumstantial proof that anything has
happened. The fact that there is only
circumstantial proof that UFOs exist, 
that they appear and disappear, is an
indication of a higher degree of mastery
over phenomenon than humans have.
Maybe they know nothing ever happens.

Taking a stand is declaring that you think
something is real and substantial...
especially weird if it's a thought or belief.
Like a rattle snake handler, we believe 
we won't get bit, that we are protected.
At least, that's the dream.

The timelessness of the present moment
is all we can know. It is connected to the
past and future, but it is neither of those.
If the past is still happening, it's happening
now. If the future is to happen, it starts now.

Stasis gives time a chance to ripen. That's 
called "the accomplishment of all actions."
Time and space ripen together because
they are not separate things. Beings are
also space.

The other part of experience...the part we
tend not to be aware emptiness. 
Emptiness is the part of experience that
provides the space for experience. If 
everything was real, nothing would change.
Instead, change always is happening, 
because emptiness means that things get
real only momentarily. The sidewalk we hit
when we jump from the building won't 
always be there. The earth won't always be 
there. How many times has the Big Bang

linear time is a hoax that solidifies our
experience of time so that our lives can
have some continuity...some meaning.
All the wise men know that if time shows 
anything, it shows that experience is 
cyclical. That's why when a calligrapher
makes a circle, it includes everything.
"What goes around comes around" is a
common phrase when things don't go our
way. When we do reach our goal, it's never
what we thought it would be like because
mental constructs never jibe with reality. 
We want to know, but we feel we're missing
something, which is the emptiness. When 
we can experience the emptiness as well 
as the impermanent, relative reality, the
picture begins to clarify. The only thing we 
have to conquer is the certainty of our own


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