Thursday, September 22, 2016

Chogyam Trungpa

We all knew he was the Buddha. We 
didn't know what the Buddha was, what
he would be like in person, but what came
out of his mouth seemed to be the purest,
most digestible truth, and we knew it was
Buddhism, so, we could draw no other

And, he practiced what he taught with us,
as a friend and a lover, meaning in real,
direct human relationship. So, what else
could he be?

We really didn't talk about that
was understood. It was more what he said,
what he did, that we were more interested
in exchanging information about. Even more,
we discussed what he was explaining as

We were thirsty for the truth, raw and open.
He was like a samurai surgeon, cutting and
nurturing at the same time, kind and 
terrifying, because ego was always exposed 
when he was around.

Time and space manifested differently
around him. A couple of times when he 
was giving a talk, I experienced the whole
room turning golden. I know one other person
who experienced the same phenomenon.

Yeah, that was him, and we went with it. If
he had been Jim Jones we'd have been 
screwed....luckily, he was Buddha.


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