Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Realization Blues

Woke up in the morning...
I was all alone...
I realized everyone was gone,
now I'm on my own.

I thought I had to make the grade,
get the money,
everything would fall in place.
I tried and failed, then realized
it wasn't my godamned race.

All the people everywhere
think they're getting somewhere...
I realized that was nowhere...
that's when I found it here.

Alone, for sure, 
no one likes a loser.
But winning isn't everything...
it all turns out the same.

On the bottom, I realized the top
wasn't far away...I could love life
just the same. No one can take that
away from me. No one needs
to know my name.

All you people, listen to me...
making it in Hollywood isn't love,
It really isn't even life, you see,
it's only tragedy.

Donald Trump or Hillary?
Hillary is falsity,
Trump bellows truth.
Realize her lies...
don't let her hope-a-dope.
Give the red faced baboon
a chance. His ego is too big
to fail.


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