Thursday, September 15, 2016

If I Were Donald Trump

If I were Donald Trump, I would take,
in part, the positions herein stated, as if
I were giving an opening statement in a
debate with Hilary Clinton:

I want to be your president. The question is:

I realize I've said some things in a way that
has put some people off. I realize that I've
shown my anger at the way America has been
going quite a bit. But I've never lied to you,
my fellow Americans, and I've tried to speak 
the truth about the direction America is 
heading and what I feel..and what many 
Americans, my supporters, feel... needs to 
change. Beneath the anger I feel is a sadness,
that this great country, which has been so good
to me, is going in a direction detrimental to it's
citizens. And, it's true I am not a politician, but,
what I am is a successful business man and a
great negotiator. 

Not being a politician is an advantage, I would 
say. If we just go back to the Iraq war, we see 
that it was a weapons of mass 
destruction. It was a lie supported by one of
my detractors...Colin Powell...who said I wasn't
fit to be president. Then, there were the lies of 
Mr. Obama, who didn't get us out of Guantanamo,
whose promise of "affordable healthcare" turned
out to be not true (fill in more lies here.) So, if
lying is a prerequisite of the presidency, I say,
vote for Mrs. Clinton. She'll make a great
"Liar In Chief". She has decades of experience
in just that. (list of Hillary's lies?)

Americans have less faith in government than
ever before. The reason is obvious...what I've 
just said: you've been lied to for years and 
you're sick of it. If you elect me, I will always
tell the truth as I see it. Some of you won't agree
with my point of view, and that's fine...we can 
have a national discussion about things that we
disagree on. At the present, there is no discussion...
it's all lying explanations, distraction, deflecting
attention. And that will only continue and grow if
Mrs. Clinton is elected president. Your jobs will
continue to disappear....Muslim radicals will
continue to infiltrate our country...quality of life
will continue to diminish (more here).Mr. Powell
called me an "international pariah". Mr. Putin
doesn't agree. Is Mr. Putin our adversary?
Perhaps. Could we work together to create a 
safer world? Well, not if our president is 
incapable of negotiation...if she dismisses him
before she even has a chance to speak with him.
And that's just one example of how Mrs. Clinton
is certain to fail as president. She is already a 
failure as Secretary of reason is 
putting American secrets in a place where they
can, and probably have, been uncovered by
our adversaries. (more here). Is this who you
want to be your president? A proven failure?


At September 15, 2016 at 11:08 AM , Blogger John Tischer said...

it's either revolution (Trump or popular) or internment camps and martial law. So, either way, it's not going to be pretty for a lot of people. And, if it's revolution, the powers being threatened, are going to they are now in the media.


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