Thursday, September 29, 2016

Afternoon Of A Faun And Everything Else

Emotional sensuous music
using sound to evoke feeling...
a human did this.

No other species could have
done this music better, so, it's
something of the best humans
are capable of.

Does that mean we're worth 
saving? Or, now that The White
Album has been remastered, 
and the Alpha Centaurians have
it, (along with everything else
humans have created)
we can go now?

Or, are they waiting because the
human mind is creating all over
the place, and someone might 
just write, sing, dance that final
objective correlative that sums
up what we humans have been
up to for the last twenty thousand
years or so in a five minute show
and tell? 

That would be cool.

I taste it now in Debussy...I smell 
it in Eliot...feel it in Bukowski...
touch it in Dali...hear it in Fenninger
and Ernst...see it everywhere.


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