Sunday, August 7, 2016

Wake Up

We never close,
but sometimes we have a hard time opening.
Too much serious, useless thinking amounting
to nothing. How many thoughts have you
actually acted upon? Each time you take a step
you don't think: "There's another one."
Somehow you manage to get from here to there.
In fact, walking and heavy thinking at the same 
time can be might fall into an
open manhole.

I'm not trying to be peckish, but, folks, how much
of your lives are you really there for?

Unless your job is fascinating and rewarding, that
cuts out about a third right there. Waiting for a two 
week vacation, coming back with snapshots and
memories of bad food is an absurd waste of time.

Is that the best we can do?

What is the American Dream, and has anyone
achieved it outside the Satanic cult of Hollywood

What is freedom? I suggest it might be the 
existential moment walking to the insurance job
writing poems like Wallace Stevens, for example.

For me, one thing was waking every day I knew I
didn't have to go to work. Now, that moment is
every day. I'm not saying any of this is profound.
It takes a lot of attention to see profundity in the
mere moments of unextraordinary life. But, it has
been done by thousands of people for thousands 
of years. To see this, just listen to the shakuhatchi,
read a poem by Basho or Issa, go to a tea 

Some old men that seem to just sit and stare aren't
always senile. Some have learned the art of doing 

Work can be a crutch, even an addiction. How many 
retirees find themselves lost?

It's so human to dance and sing, to paint on cave
walls and subway walls, to tell stories and joke
around, to bay at the moon.

The "lost generation", Pound, Hemingway, 
Fitzgerald, were happiest when they were broke 
and creating in Paris. Kerouac drank himself to
death after his splurge of joy. Reaching success 
was their ultimate failure. They only realized how
important the journey was when they felt they had
lost it.

Whatever happens with you, my friends, the journey
will continue...there is no time line...time is not
linear. You could say there is a deadline, but is
death merely a re-boot?

Be curious, be interested...that's why there is 
nature at all, seeking it's answer in the sun.


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