Sunday, August 21, 2016

Steak And Eggs

restaurant surrounded by
gorgeous jungle.
Omar knows what I want.
It never comes out perfect,
like life, but close enough.

Sound of rainy season river.
Town filed on Sunday with
Mexican tourists.

The bus stops here.
The buck stops here.
Fear of death gone or away.

All you stock brokers 
with your money 
can't touch this.

This is your longing, your
craving that drives you
down endless treadmill.

"Oh, how tired we are of 
hearing it...leave us alone!
For one day we'll get to the
Hamptons, throw a big party
and everyone will see!"

Like Gatsby? The Golden Myth
of success and privilege?

Better hurry. The species with
all its big brains is self destructing...
don't say I didn't warn you. Sorry if
it's all I have to say, but, you

Right now under trees and 
bougainvillea, awaiting steak 
and eggs on what might as well 
could be the last day of earth.

Every  day is special, which only
old people tend to know, and the
ones that really know what's
going on...not you or me.

It's a small world.
It won't be missed.
The universe has better things
to do.

Ah, steak and eggs...
almost perfect.


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