Saturday, August 6, 2016

No Big Deal If The World Ends

Shakespeare, Hemingway, Beethoven,
Bukowski and Huang Po all arise on another
planet to continue their beauty and sarcasm.
If humans disappear like dinosaurs, no one
left to weep, not even a memory, so no 
worries, no problems. Hunter Thompson will
appear, green, with antennae holding a gin 
and tonic under a blue sun...who knows?
We don't know how we got here in the first
place, God notwithstanding. Issa put it blunt
and beautiful: "Why cry, little cricket? We all
go this way."

If you were lucky in this life, you got your 
bearings and did something interesting, with
inquisitiveness to explore, look around,
understand a bit. If not, too bad...go believe
something in case that will make you feel a
little better.

How long does it take to grow up, and, are we
talking one life or many? Both, I think. Some are
mature beyond their years, which points to prior 
experience with living...others never manage to
get out of their own way.

I was driven mad with wonder, when I was young,
why I was alive in the first place. It took intense
reading of books to find the truth and begin to
absorb it. The truth is out there, folks, let me assure
you, in case you have any interest in finding it.

If you're sure about anything, you're lost. The 
purpose of the truth is to bring you to your senses
and the only time of now where you can find 
yourself. Yourself is not your "self"'s everything
but your ideas about's the trees and clouds
and furry creatures. The body is just a convenient 
mechanism to house and focus the sense tools so
you can be a full participant as part of the tamasha,
the shared illusion, the ongoing eternal play of the
whole enchilada.

The universe wouldn't blink if our earth explodes.
It's too small a deal. There's already another earth 
out there in whatever stage of awakening....another
cambrian explosion...other entities learning to use 
fire, tie their shoes, get enlightened. Only stupid
earth monkeys are sure they're the top banana. 
Any other view doesn't make sense. Do you best
and forget the rest.


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