Thursday, August 18, 2016

Jim Morrison

Poor Jim, Lizard King,
snake charmer
indestructible hedonist
in the twisted carnival
taking the ride
hall of smoky mirrors
forest of dark shadows
alleys euthanized in the vein
haunting anthems lost in glass tinkle
prophet Dionysus torn to shreds
defier of authority
enscripted warrior of a time
from Whiskey-A-Go-Go womb
to world stage of defiance.

He hung up on his mother, after
he was Washington
for a concert.

"How was the conversation?"
a friend asked.

"I never want to talk to her again."

His father was an Admiral.

They couldn't let him, Jimi and 
Janice live....or Michael  or Prince.

David Crosby at Monterrey Pop,
six months later, telling his audience:

"And they killed Kennedy, your president...
and this is your government!"

Meanwhile, in Flanders field,
the poppies still in bloom.
(that was a crop out.)


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