Sunday, August 21, 2016


Desperate, but not despairing...
Woulda beena Beat, but the times
don't allow the luxury of marginal
existence...just getting by trying
to make it in a real way...what the
Beats finally did. 

Desperate at the OK watering hole,
corralled by diminishing returns of
possibilities to make it before it all
falls apart; monolithic ponzi scheme
worship of status quo that ain't over
'til it's over can I get into this feeding
frenzy before the fat lady is 

Desperado expat in a nation that is
used to despair...not like El Norde
which isn't used to waking up from
its dream, pull the covers up tighter
and kill the alarm clock, shoot the
messenger, all he brings is bad news.

Even Kansas isn't in Kansas anymore,
and hope was for a time when things
actually could get better. Now, when
things get better, they are actually
getting worse: technology which was
supposed to give us more freedom is
doing the opposite; humans are 
automated out of existence by the 
facility of communication so they never
have to shut their mouths, still their
fingers, notice the dark noise bombs
going off in their heads, a flower is
merely a photo op for a tweet, in itself
it has no meaning..., yes Desperado to panic a notary,
Desperado to shatter artificial lives,
Desperado to wake the sleepwalkers,
Desperado, an outlaw to the unseen,
unfelt, invisible laws that have trained
the human clown into sad makeup, 
made us allergic to color, quirky jokey
spontaneous capering that will get you
shot on any Main Street where the meme
of mediocrity is mainlined, where 
correctness has erased us, life suspended
'til the next sequel of Star Wars, waiting
in line in pathetic costume for artificially
flavored popcorn and the hour to be 
elevated into suicide dream, Disney
Utopia of brave new world, don't forget
your prozac if it gets to be a bit too much,
oh, it will.


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