Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Years, Tears

It's my computer....
Y and T next to each other,
years become tears 'til I edit.
Sometimes tears is more appropriate
than years...or else, my computer is
trying to tell me something. 
Years of tears...so many...
tears turn into years..again, so many.
So connected.
Time enough for love.
Time enough for loss.
Misspellings probably led to wars.
One telegram changed history.
A peace became appease,
and suddenly everyone got huffy.
It's a big problem with e mails.
language being the most inefficient
form of communication. 
I said "Pie glue!"
and suddenly, I was married.
It's a good argument for 
at least, those ways,
you can't be so certain
what's happening, 
and must stay on your toes,
in your senses....
to include the body 
in the discussion.


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