Friday, July 1, 2016

Ultimate Question

Did Prufrock know it,
or did he merely dissemble?
And, what would he do
with the answer?
My guess is this: if you have
no more questions, that is
the answer...the questioning
itself is the problem to solve.

If we were completely awake.
reality would be transparent...
the flowers beautiful, the poop
smelling bad, no need for 
further clues.

What is the meaning of life,
what is existence, would be
irrelevant in the light of clarity.

When you're already bitten by
a snake, no need to wonder
where the egg was hatched.

Prufrok's questions were measured
out in coffee spoons, "Do I dare?"
He was afraid, as if he'd asked God:


and God responded,

"Well what?" 

as if nothing had happened.


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