Thursday, July 21, 2016


The Republican convention. In Tepoztlan, no one,
except for the odd gringo, seems to know or care.
Just sitting in the zocalo, a balloon man making
great Tiggers, the usual display, outfit, of Mexicana
in this sleepy town. Feeling great today... my 
consciousness must have raised a notch an accidental orgasm.  Much not
to do about anything....the news from outside the
closet...ain't going in there again...I didn't lose 
anything in there...too dark for bright folks.

If you don't like reality, just wait for as long as 
necessary, but try to open your eyes once in a
while. It helps. You might forget about yourself
for a moment and notice a flower, a kid with a
balloon, a nice doggy. Many times for brief
moments and sooner or later you'll meet the
Buddha in person. How do I know this?
No, I won't tell have to follow the
bread  crumbs by yourself. One pill makes you
larger and one pill makes you small. Most don't
do anything at all.

The monkeys don't even know they're caged,
and the frogs are starting to feel the boil. No
importe aqui. The continuing revolution of Mexico...
the people just gave up  and let the cartels run
everything. A good question is; is it more expensive
than having a real government? A
look Norde doesn't provide a positive answer.

No English newspaper here anymore....used to be 
the Herald, then, the Daily took over for a while. Now,
no pleasure of crossword or reading Dilbert. Of course,
it's all on computer...along with everything else.

The Germans and English didn't conquer this part of 
the New World...(any echoes of "New Age" there?),
the Spanish did. No wonder everything leaks, won't
hold water. The Germans and English did it right
el Norde, with the help of Irish, Italians, and, of 
course, slaves. They were as sure of themselves
as cancer, which it seems it has become...once you 
start killing, where do you stop? Evidently, not yet.
In Mexico, the Spanish had children with the 
indigenous people...a cause of great confusion for
the descendants, because they were also killing them
at the same time. Yet, the older culture was never 
really lost. I'd say that means hope for the future, if
anything really does.


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