Monday, July 4, 2016

Not For Sale

Even Bob Dylan sold out...
did a commercial....
then, he sang Sinatra tunes.
He gets a pass, however,
because of his prior genius,
and timely messages.

eecummings dedicated his book
of poems, "No Thanks", to all the
publishers that turned it down...
it was quite a list.

I never tried to get published,
but a book appeared,
printed by an angel.

I wouldn't mind selling out
like Caitlyn, grabbing the dough,
then changing my mind.
They say she wants to change 
back to a man. If so, she shouldn't,
because if she wants to change,
it proves she's a woman, or, so goes
the sexist lore...her Catch-22.

I pretend I'm not for sale,
keeping my integrity because 
I have no choice...taking the 
high one's buying...
maybe nobody's reading
anymore...or, it's obvious.
No poet was ever
on a box of Wheaties.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot,
Maya Angelou,
I want to punch her in the nose.


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