Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"Let me be! Love me! Any candies?" Monica Manolachi

Cigarettes, at least, and coffee to fetch my
soul back into focus.

I gave the troubadour fifty pesos to go away,
his music interrupted our conversation.

Falling in love is like falling off a log, as easy
and as painful. It doesn't matter if you're
paying attention.

Words can be candy, or, any other word. I have
a great sense of humor, I just can't prove it.

I surprise myself that I have anything to write at
all....thing is, I don't think that when I'm writing.

So, somebody else must be doing it...somebody
else must be in charge...probably no one,

but something takes over and I forget myself for
that moment, at least, praise Buddha.

What a  relief it would be, not to be there at all,
and still see like a fly on the wall.

A lot of people think that's what God is busy
doing, or, Santa Claus..."He knows when you 
are sleeping...." 

It would be nice if someone was looking after
us, tucking us in at night. 

Too bad we still feel there's someone to be
tucked in...and that we still make a distinction
between dream and awake.


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