Sunday, July 3, 2016

Cabbage Head

There's an insult you don't hear
much anymore.
These days insults are more direct,
because less social niceties,
no time or concern for that now,
except for the politically correct,
who want to reduce language
to have no meaning whatsoever, 
as if we didn't have enough trouble 
understanding each other already
about what the cabbage is going on!

It's hard to get ahead these days,
trying to do the best with what is there. 
And, even if you get a lot of places,
they aren't as good as they were before. 
Heads or tails is not good
or white. The coin has to land on it's edge
for us to believe the flip was fair. Even
then, is anybody sure? YeaaaaaaaaaNO!
Grey the only "color' our de-over-sensitized
selves can stand. Lack of reference point
of simple green...we used to know that's
the way things grow. Might as well be plastic
now...everything seems to be.


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