Thursday, June 30, 2016

Plan Ahead

You realize how hard that is to do?
At first, it's "heads up!" learn to walk,
eat solid food, tie your shoe.
Later, when the bearing's straight,
begin to look around, a random place,
random people, a serendipitous body
of knowledge accrues, a random 
amalgam that has no blue print to go on.
No one can plan a head...heads just
happen like the rainbows they dissolve
into. I didn't plan ahead to have enough
cigarettes, so this poem started on the 
way to the store; these aren't the same
words I had in mind on the way down.
Even Pollock (i bet) didn't know, at first, 
why he drizzled paint on canvass...
probably just thought he was drunk, and 
was. Only later the "ah ha!" Eureka! No 
one has the timetable for a brainstorm. 
They're planning for an earthquake in 
California right now, but, they'll never be 
ready for it, like love that happens when 
you least expect it. The only thing one
can plan for is anything to happen. 


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