Friday, June 17, 2016

Paradise Or Utopia?

We blew paradise when we
ate of the tree called "knowledge
of good and evil", basic duality,
I and other, us and them.

We're we stupid before knowledge,
was paradise being in the present 
moment without distinctions of time;
i.e., now. And every other time?
Still dualism. 

Why did we want to get back to the
garden? Because it was less complex,
complicated, confusing, frustrating, ect.,
or, because it was more real?

Utopia, ideal society, oxymoron?
Maybe, but some primitive societies
accomplish tasks as a group without
lots of planning, work together as 
one mind without analysis, each
seemingly intuitively knowing their job.

I experienced this twice in my life; once,
directing a play, and once building a 
meditation center. When I looked back,
when each was done, I had no idea how
exactly each had come about. Each of
them seemed to be a miracle.

If it is Utopia, it has to be that garden.


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