Sunday, June 26, 2016


A stone door opens
on the side of a mountain.
A mother shoots her two
teenage daughters and is
killed by police.
A comedian with swastika
paintballs for Trump.
Hillary denies ever having
been human.
George Will quits the 
Republican Party and 
becomes a ballerina.
Other politicians shred
themselves, unable to
decide what to be for 
or against.
Meanwhile whales wash
ashore ceaselessly 
in natural protest.

No judgement, just 
documentation is enough.
A Bruegel painting is enough.
A Terminator movie is enough.
Video of Mid East wars is enough.
Certainty is certainly uncertain,
of that we can be sure...belief in
God evaporates as surety dilutes,
as ozone depletes,
as cell towers proliferate,
As England still can't make up
its mind if it's part of Europe,
As Bernie is sure he's voting
for Hillary...sure he's sure...
for now.
Meanwhile, Syrian refugees
enter USA, and Americans leave,
or buy more guns.
This is not a complaint, just, facts.
The truth is still the truth, always true,
observable, concrete, present tense.
Meanwhile, George Will does a plie,
and goes home.


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