Friday, June 24, 2016

Life Is A Process Of Elimination

As eecummmings wrote:
"i am a shape that
can but eat and turd."

What goes (in) up
must come down. 

And we seem to grow,
get better, smarter,
do more,
for better or worse,
but, inevitably,
the gravity of the situation
brings us to our knees
figuratively or actually,
'til, like Brando on his 
death bed, the question
comes: "What was that?"
meaning, life at all.

What is this, our 
continuing now alive,
our play in which our
truth is revealed,
hopefully, if we pay 
enough attention?

Do we want the truth,
do we seek it, or,
just a comfy chair
at the end of an 
imaginary rainbow, 
a brass ring
somehow always
slightly out of reach,
slightly always
ahead of ourselves?

Have we ever dared 
to ask ourselves
the overwhelming 
question, or, born
in the middle of tamasha,
did we just keep running
in the same direction
as everyone else,
it seemed the right thing,
the everybody thing,
and everybody can't 
be wrong?

For many certainty seems
to be assured....a dynasty
in China meant many lives
didn't change from birth to
death, so, why bother 
to question...which is why
the Chinese curse: "May you
live in interesting times."

Born in the middle of tamasha,
into an order that reeks of chaos,
into a world bursting at it seems.


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