Thursday, June 30, 2016

God Is Dog (ma) Spelled Backwards

The first sin wasn't eating an apple. It
was curiosity. The first dogma was:
"Thou shalt not eat the fruit of that tree
over there." Of, course Adam and Eve 
were going to...they didn't know from sin,
the way a kid doesn't know not to put its
finger in a light socket. Surprise! So, they
were curious and had to leave the Garden.
I guess God hadn't created forgiveness yet.
If He had just forgiven them, humanity 
wouldn't be in the mess it's in.

So then, everyone that followed were 
curious, and discovered a lot of stuff, good
and bad. Then God saw that things were
getting out of control, so, He interjected a
little more dogma. He sent Moses to get the
Ten Commandments. Some of the 
Commandments made common sense...
don't kill, don't steal, and don't adulterate
anything, for examples. 

"Thou shalt not have other gods before Me"
is a curious one. He didn't say there were 
no other gods, nor that people shouldn't 
have them. He was just saying He was 
Numero Uno on the God chart. The pagans
must have had cooler gods, because the
"before me" was dropped pretty quick for
practical considerations.

Even so, the Ten Commandments didn't
solve all the problems, so, God sent Jesus 
down to straighten things out. 

"Love thy neighbor as thyself." Boy, they 
hadn't heard that in a looong time, and the
body count had become enormous by then.
Jesus didn't teach dogma...he just tried to
change the direction of peoples' minds a bit.
"God is love"  and such things. But humans 
were too jaded by then, so, they crucified him
on the principle of being a general nuisance.
That might have made him a martyr, and would
have, if Paul hadn't been there, seen his 
opportunity to create a cult called "the Church",
something Christ surely never intended. Then
the chalice began to overflow with dogma.

I don't know where the "Second Coming" came
from...did Jesus, after the resurrection and 
before the ascension say "I'll be back." like
Arnold? Might as well could have. All the 
fragments of the original Jesus ideal, including
Muslims, are pretty sure if he does come back,
he's going to be pretty pissed off.

So, God failed from the get go. You can't look 
at it now and say the creation was a success.
Or, you can just blame humanity and then blame
God for the concept of forgiveness.

Maybe God gave every day, for Him,
is Sunday. Maybe God's thinking now is that
humanity should sink or swim based on it's own
intelligence...we can see how that's going. Thanks
for nothing, God.


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