Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ex Machina

"In the spring, the chrysanthemum's
astringent fragrance comes, revealing
the hidden mechanism of
machine within machine within machine."
(Wallace Stevens)

Filigree of words and expressions
at the cafe in full blossom sophistication,
light hearted, heart lit with joy that
synapses in the brain, a trifle, a dance
in the play of surprising connection
previously hidden.

Decisions are made for better and worse,
affecting individuals and civilizations,
creating new momentums like a top that
spins 'til its energy wanes and it comes to rest.

"We knew each other in grade school,
now our vacation in Mexico, 'til the next
tranche of deliberateness propels us
forward into the next chapter."
...of autobiography, enacted, then revised
in the end, to reveal chosen memory.

Nature, nurture, or, manufacture?
Are there unseen rules, unseen laws
governing events?

What would we be without mystery?
What beyond reflex do we have to offer?
Is there magic, or, do we just pretend?
Do miracles point to something
we can't see?
Is coincidence simply a meshing of gears?

Hippies use side door.


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