Tuesday, June 7, 2016


"The eccentric is the basis
of design." Wallace Stevens

The dreams got better as the
night wore on..the first one
horrible and full of knives...
the last a new lover and a 
great kiss. Not much to do 
today, so I can enjoy my
morning stupor.

"He has the vapors" one
might have said in the olden
days...always (now) wondered
what that meant. A little off kilter
ain't bad, especially since I 
don't have to operate heavy 
machinery. That's  why I was 
never drunk or stoned at 
plumbing work...had to be on 
the spot, and sometimes even
that was almost not enough...
...an inch and a half broken
water main one time in South
Carolina. I called the boss:

"What should I do?!"

"Don't let it whup ya"  (click)

good advice. Now the worst is
the odd scorpion.

I enjoy staring at people as they
walk by....a few notice and say hi...
the ones not completely asleep.

Nobody wants anybody around...
catch 22, they feel lonely. As
Bukowski wrote: " I don't hate
people...I just feel better when
they're not around." I'm not
lonely anymore, so, I watch 
people without a care. Now, I'm
the only guy in town that wears
a tie, except for the odd banker.

I'm a passive kachina, not actively
tricking to shake people awake,
just being there in case anyone is 

Any questions?

Not really.

Milarepa must have had fun in the
marketplace, singing the truth...
people actually listened and learned.


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