Thursday, May 5, 2016

Trump Song Commentary

Nobody much liked my Trump song.
Sure, it was stupid, but, after all,
it was for Americans.

Bill Burr is tired of people complaining
how stupid Americans are, arguing
most people in the world are stupid, 
and, he has a point!

However, being "the leader of the free
world" and a "Democracy" means
Americans have more responsibility
to be informed and intelligent...
otherwise, why should we presume 
to lead? 

We shouldn't, for one thing because
"nations" no longer mean what they
once did. International corporations
have seized power, all over, just as
German businesses supported Hitler.

Totalitarianism is no longer a one 
man's game. Spread the responsibility
and obfuscate the target. No dearth of
evil people in the world now. "The best
lack all conviction while the worst are full
of passionate intensity." as Yeats wrote.

The Tibetans have a wise saying: "If
you want to see the past, look at the 
present...if you want to see the future, 
look at the present."...which works on 
the microcosmic as well as the 
macrocosmic scales. "Change is now."
as the Byrds sang. 

If you don't want change, Hellary is your
gal. But change is inevitable. Throw a 
monkey wrench into the ointment, as
Yogi Berra might have said. Most of the
folks that really hate Trump are ugly...
take a look at them. Ugly on the outside,
ugly on the's simple passive
body language.

If you want to believe in God...if you want
to believe "America Is Number One!"
...any're stuck with them
like flies on flypaper, and it's just as
intelligent.  Be dumb with large bombs
and people will only whisper behind your
ears, nip at your heels, wear you out with
smiling nods until they can stab you in
the back.

America could have been such a great 
country...but we don't have to ask what 
went wrong. Just open your eyes, if you
have any guts. You may hate Trump, but
the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Get a grip on reality, not that there's much
time left.


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