Friday, May 6, 2016

Should I Apologize?

For being honest and open?                   
For being just another voice
in a wilderness of hardware 
For redundantly pointing out
the brainwash?
For not lying to support your
self deceptions?
For not liking Hillary because
she's a genuine witch?
For liking red faced Trump
because he's angry for the
right reasons?
For not shutting up and 
taking my seat next to all
of you in the plastic cafeteria
waiting for my malt-o-meal?
For thinking they'll assassinate
Trump just like they did Bobby?
Do you just want to get on with
watering your lawn while there's
still water left?
Do you think the Sixties was just
a stupid, useless self indulgence
of spoiled young people?
Do you still think the Vietnam War
was a good idea after McNamara
finally admitted it was a mistake?
Do you still think the Iraq war was
a good idea based on the truth?
Should I apologize for pointing out
how stupid we all have been 
to believe the lies?

Should I apologize for not getting
plastic surgery so I can look more
like everyone else?
Should I apologize that I won't ever
get chemo or radiation, 
for not trusting the AMA or 
the pharmaceutical companies,
the Republicans or the Democrats,
the pundits and intellectual shills,
the media whores, entertainment
puppets, establishment poets,
elitist family co-conspirators?
Should I apologize for being a 
conspiracy truthist?

Has this poem irritated you yet?
Maybe you should thank me.

(Weaponization of the term: "conspiracy theory:    )


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