Saturday, April 30, 2016

Old Curmudgeon Poet

Grandfather poet
full of platitude advice
out of spunk
not even punk
I left all my good ideas
in a trunk.
Tired of slapping fools around
it just hurts my hands
and they just keep coming
with idiot grins
marching in step,

It was better when they
lived and died in Iowa
never leaving town.
Now their spew is all
over twitter, 
over twittered,
as if it gives them
credibility, the way
their lost beliefs
used to.

For goodness sakes!
Go back to belief and
stop having opinions!
No one cares!
No one should care!
Even you don't care
other than the fvoment
you can induce in
other idiots!
Don't hydrate,
you can't hold water!

This is me, Grandpa,
on the front porch
yelling as you morons
march past in step,
wishing your destination
was the ocean.
Keep going...keep going...
you're getting there.


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