Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Virgo Moon

I woke up and my phone/internet didn't work 
and I found out soon after a line was down. 
The store where I buy cigarettes opened an
hour later than usual. I'm not that much into 
astrology, but I once met a guy who pulled out
his ephemeris and nailed me without ever 
having met me before. And an astrologer
predicted Buddha would be either a great king,
or, a great spiritual leader. I don't know how
that affects the statistics, but at least one
astrologer got it right big time for once.
Astrology has been around as long as

After all, we're just intelligent bags of water,
so why not think that large masses hurling
around our solar system might have some
small effect on our mental tides?  If mystics
can walk through walls, fly, and read your 
mind, which some can, why not see that the
mechanistic version of the universe and 
human consciousness has a few major blind
spots?  Seems obvious. 

I'm a Pisces and the general description of
that sign seems to fit me to a tee. Look it up
if you're interested. My Buddhist teacher made
a number of predictions of my life of minor and
major qualities all of which have come true. 
And, they were very specific. Got any 
explanations? I thought not. The difference
between some of the things I've mentioned 
and superstition is that the latter is based on
folklore, not even folk wisdom. Even poetry has
a slight aspect of mystery in its very existence.
Eliot was looking for the "objective correlative",
the Holy Grail touchstone of poetry, how words
could not just represent experience, but could
actually be experience. Like a scientist trying to
find the original state of matter, he didn't even
get close.

So, whether it's UFOs, ghosts, paranormal 
phenomena, how the I Ching works, or other
examples, the ultimate always shys away
from the tool of knowledge to the profound
mental state of not knowing, square one, where,
if you contemplate it, we all reside eternally.
An open mind, which most bags of water think
is a good thing, is our greatest treasure.


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