Saturday, January 23, 2016

New Day

Rise up into new day.
If you have freedom,
use it to help others.
In this degenerate age
true rulers, the ones 
with the biggest hearts

the ones with the 
clearest minds

the ones who fought
for the benefit of all

the heros you only see
now in cartoons

the sages, the wise men
you could trust with your

are as rare as stars in
the daytime.

Trust your own heart
and what it tells your mind.

Don't listen to the white noise
the tsunami of nonsense
the mental chains forged
to imprison beyond bars.

Understand that there is a thing
called common sense
basic goodness
that we know instinctively
when we see it

in the policeman
in the stranger
in the doctor
in the grocery clerk.

Wake up to what's been lost
in the industrial revolution
industrial war
industrial social engineering
industrial education.

Moloch...the embodyment
of corporations as people...
how much do you need to 
know in order to see?

First you have to look,
then you can see.

If you don't look you'll fall
into a manhole with your ipod.

Don't hide from the madness.
If there's an obstacle, go around.
Open your eyes,
it's a new day.

"Everybody's got a Big 'But....'."

Pee Wee Herman


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