Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Wassa Matter, Ya Mary, No Sense Of Humor?

Got hit by the card info thieves,
the first time in ten years of living
in Mexico. 

My bank caught it, but now 
I need a new card...inconvenient
to say the least.

Little me, caught in the web of
worldwide corruption. I should have
prepared, if not for the worst, the
probable bad.

My landlord, my grocer, will give
me time and credit...they're still
good humans. I live in a place
where there still are some. They
live in Mexico, so, they know 
about suffering....

not just waiting for days in line
to see Star Wars...
not just feeling bad because
their cell phones are out of date...
not just because they broke a

They've seen dead people,
blood running in the streets
for generations.
Welcome to the Third World,


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