Friday, January 1, 2016

Anti Holiday Rant

I'm glad the holidays are over.
Why do we have them?
"Well, it's a tradition, you know,
we've always done it..."
It's only been a tradition for no more
than a couple of hundred years...
that's not exactly always.
And, what's the point of it?
To have something at a certain time
of year that we always do?

Native cultures also had traditions:

"We've always planted corn this way.
at this time, because we know the corn
always grows then, and then we get food."

That's a tradition that makes sense.
Or, say, having a feast at a certain time 
of year to recognize the passing of season
and the start of a new cycle...
acknowledging a truth about time: that 
it's cyclical...that also makes sense.
The solstice makes more sense as the
beginning of the New Year, because
that's when the Sun cycle begins again.
Saying that the New Year begins on
midnight, December thirty first, is simply
arbitrary, unconnected with any real earthly

I think that's why Santa Claus has become
prominent at Xmas, and why the 
Easter Bunny is as important as the 
resurrection: because someone, somehow,
couldn't stand the arbitrary disconnectedness
of the sanctioned events, and had to make 
fun of them. At least, that's what I would, 
and do, do. 


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