Monday, January 4, 2016

A Brand New World Religion

A brand new world religion is just
coming into being!
It doesn't even have a name yet!
A contest will be forthcoming to 
give it one!

We do know many things about it 
already, however....
No cats (because no catechism)..
No dogs (because no dogmas)
and no tantrums (because no tantra)
will be allowed! 

We will be the First religion, because
we will have more beliefs than any other...
more than all combined!
We promise a new belief weekly!
A Lazy Susan of Symbolism!
Also, No Worries! We won't take any
of our beliefs seriously!

Our Leaders will pose to the congregation
a variety of confusing and unanswerable 
questions...No Worries! They won't be 
very interesting!

No guilt! No sin! No penance! No Heaven!
No Hell! No Worries!
When we pray, we find we are talking to
Life after death is what you make of it!

Our Congregation is All of Humanity!
You can't be Excommunicated!
You can Unsubscribe, but you can't hide!

We bring the fun into Religfun!
Coming Soon!


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