Monday, December 28, 2015

For The Heck Of It

Different mood this A.M..
Sometimes a bad sleep
wakes me into a twisty
air. It's kinda groovy....

Like my Matrix is jangled,
askew: "The eccentric is
the basis of design." 
(Stevens). So, don't know
what will come out of my
mouth, my mind. "Don't be
predictable and guileless."
(Mahayana slogan) "It would
be nice to wave a cut lily and
panic a notary, or, finish a nun
with a left to the ear." (Neruda)

Maybe it is time to scare the
straight people, a little, like
when we blew bubbles in the
bus station, high on LSD. It
was all so innocent, after all...

Time is growing shorter as
another year passes. New
Year's Eve menu is planned:
German duck, Spanakopita,
Latkes. I'm already cooking.

The opposite of denouement
is how I'm feeling...the first
skippy, hoppy steps before
a new experience...tiny spring
in my crazy legs. Timing is


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