Wednesday, November 11, 2015

It's More Dangerous In The USA Now Than In The Sixties

Than when John and Bobby 
Kennedy, MLK, Fred Hampton 
and more were assasinated
by the secret government.

Than when the CIA and others infiltrated
the peace movement...and the blacks in 
California and elsewhere and turned them
into gangs and salesmen for drugs.

Than when the psychopath Johnson 
reversed the end of the war in Vietnam 
and  escalated it.

It's more dangerous now because my
generation was more awake, aware,
and tried to stop the criminal nonsense.

It's more dangerous now because 
American children are being abused
psychologically in schools by Common
Core brainwashing and stupifying.
What will they be like as adults?

Because the police are now the army,
and can kill you legally for no reason.
Because the media only lies to keep
people from seeing what's happening.
Because they got away with murder then,
and are getting away with everything now.

Because the real power doesn't care if
a few people find out what's going on,
because they know most Americans 
don't care what's going on.

Because the Bushes and the Clintons
are the Caligula Cartel....America is not
even an Oligarchy...It's a revolving door
Monarchy of insane sociopaths.

I could go on, and on, and
get the idea.   "Tell the truth and run."

(George Seldes)


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