Sunday, November 1, 2015

I Do Not Advocate Revolution

"Common sense is painful"  (paraphrase of
Buddha's First Noble Truth)

I do not advocate revolution in the US of A.
because it will put my life at risk.
I do not advocate a national demonstration
of protest against a criminal government
because it will put my life at risk.
I do not advocate assassination of any CEO of
banks, oil companies, Monsanto, leaders
of the Republican and Democratic Parties,
DOW Chemical, heads of the CIA, NSA, 
the Fed., or any of the other criminal 
institutions and businesses of the USA,
because it will put my life at risk.
I do not advocate a boycott of all elections
by all Americans because it will put my life at risk.
I do not advocate that all intelligent Americans
that can see what's happening there with their
own eyes leave the country and let the bastards
that are left eat each other alive, because it
would put my life at risk. 

I advocate that individuals use their common
sense, and realize that there is no way those
planes could have brought down the Twin
Towers....common sense and the statements
of hundreds of expert engineers. Common
sense is Paine-ful.

I advocate that people start using their common
sense about what's happening with fracking,
domestic military use, Wall Street robbery,
media brainwashing, loss of Posse Comitatus,
and Habius Corpus, general erosion
of the Bill of Rights and begin to understand
what's happening in America.

I advocate that people start looking for themselves
and not listen to what they are being told....common
sense....which has been and is being as degraded
as much as the environment we live in.

The Declaration of Independence says people have
a right to overthrow a corrupt government. You
didn't  hear that from me....I don't want to put my
life at risk for a populace that cares only for
shopping, sports, cable T.V. and their I pods.
It's ok with me if you're content to stew  in your
own cesspool. Just realize that I won't bathe
in it with you.

"If your children ever find out how lame you are, they'll murder you in your sleep."

Frank Zappa  Whisky -A-Go-Go   1965


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