Sunday, November 15, 2015

Buddhist Sermonette (about what's real)

There is a Buddhist teaching called:
"The Two Truths",
(Which is the perfect subject for me to
sermonize about, ((this is a joke to
warm up the audience)) because there 
are two types of people: those that divide 
things into two types, and those that don't.
I guess you know which one I am now. 
((end of joke))), which is about relative and 
unltimate reality (truth). Relative reality 
(truth) is what we can know, and what we 
can do, meaning, all knowables. 

You can't know ultimate reality, it can't be
described, but, you can experience it. If 
you haven't experienced it, you take what's
knowable (relative reality), to be solid and 
real...absolutely existing...that is why 
we're always looking for something we think
is missing, or, as Chogyam Trungpa said:

"Relative truth says a lot and means very little.
Absolute truth says nothing at all"


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