Friday, October 30, 2015

Slave To Your Own Mind

Americans Imagine that they are free.
They feel free to buy the things they're
told to buy.
They feel free to vote for the meaningless
candidate of their choice.
They feel free, wearing the clothes that
everyone else wears.
They think they have their own opinions
based on brainwashing and propaganda.
They feel freedom of worship of 
non-existant gods. 
They think if they possess guns, their
freedom is protected.
They think their education helps them to
be free. 
They think their government provides
an environment in which to be free.
They think the rut they are in 
is a wide highway, 
or, when they retire, they'll be free.
They think the entertainments they
are force fed are a sign of their freedom.
They think that because they can still
catch a fish in a stream that the 
environment is doing just fine.
Slaves to their own minds, clueless
of the invisible bars that keep them
caged and tamed.


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