Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Evil Cheesy

I worked with "Bud" Cheeseborough
in Boulder for nine months when I first
landed. He used to work the coal mines
above Boulder...had one lung left from 
that, and two artificial hips from plumbing.
Still, he went out and worked every day. 
I visited in him in his house one day, and,
he must have had money, because his 
living room was black with red trimmings...
think Chuck Berry's bar and lounge.
shag sixties chic....Culturally
archeologically, that tells you when he 
started making money. He liked me
just because I used a wooden, folding
ruler...instead of a metal, sliding one. 
That made me OK in his eyes.

He had two sons. The older shouldered
the business...competent and uptight...
a big drinker. The other was a plumber, 
fancied himself as a stunt motorcycle
jumper. Don't know what happened to 
either of them. He called himself 
"Evil Cheesy"....he was a local hero
at the Hi-Lo Lounge on the way out of
Boulder, as you're turning towards


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