Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Religions And The Concept Of Time.

Time can be seen as linear, or, cyclical.
The cyclical model of time has been
employed by many human societies,
from the most primitive, to some of the 
most advanced...India and China are 
two examples of the latter.The linear
concept of time was employed by mono
theistic religions as a major aspect of their
belief system. If time is linear, then, humans
only have one life span to make their
relationship with whatever diety, and, 
at death, the actions of their lives, and their
faith, determines where they'll  spend the
rest of eternity.  In the cyclical view, 
life is a process, not a solid manifestation. 
Eastern religions have the concept of "wa",
which translates as "harmony". This gives
a clue as to their relationship to time. 
Harmony means human events take place
in an atmosphere of ordered understanding.
It's presence or absence is what is important.
For the theists, it's "salvation"...meaning that
there is an end point to the process...(linear
thinking)...and to the outcome. This is important
because it is what the monotheists use to keep
their adherents in line to their way of thinking
and doing, rather than acting in "harmony" 
with existing conditions.


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