Monday, August 31, 2015

Here I Am On Earth

How, in the earth, did that happen?
Seven billion humans...I happen to
be one of them. Whatever I am, I 
don't last that long ....a twinkle
in the eye of time. And the humans
who supposedly run the place are
running it into the ground. So much
for the idea of a higher life form.

It's beautiful as I look out my window...
the delicious green, bird song naturally
enhancing the environment, the sun,
the clouds...all organic...all intrinsically
evolved. No wonder the ancient ones
tried to live in wasn't broke
and they saw no reason to fix it. 

I just read that it will take, maybe,
twenty years for radiation from 
Japan to contaminate the planet.
That's if nothing else happens.

So. it's beautiful, now, as Basho wrote,
floating on the waves of the lake.


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