Monday, August 13, 2012

Letter To A Friend

did a Temescal here today, which is more similar to a
sweat lodge than a sauna, has indigenous ritual and
significance, but when led by a sensitive shaman,
is like a good spiritual meal. The people there were
all my friends and acquaintances. There seems to be
an attraction here for real spiritual people. K. D., the
Buddhist translator, I told you about lives here. The
other day, I met through my friend, B., a 39 year old
Russian man who had been through the traditional
Tibetian training, and is now a lama....well, he said
he was. I didn't spend enough time with him to tell
if he was genuine or full of shit, but my overall impression
was favorable. He's traveled all over the world, and
he's attracted to Mexico, and to Tepoztlan because
of the work being done here with plant medicine, and
because of K. D., as something very interesting
is happening here that the situation is allowing to occur.
I'm not saying this is going to be Paris in the 20's all over
again, or that what I'm observing will really go anywhere..'s great for now.


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