Friday, July 27, 2012

Orwell's Garden

Orwell envisioned a time when all rooms would have

T.V.’s in them, mandatory, so that people were subject

to propaganda all the time. The truth, in 2012, is much

worse than that In the USA, drones will fly and spy all

over the country. The media is, in fact, a brainwashing

propaganda, fear inducing machine that has manipulated

the populace into a herd of sheepish morons. Internment

camps have been constructed to handle any stampedes.

Rights have been stripped away. All this in the country

where the greatest attempt at Democracy has failed.

“In the spring of 1968, when Martin King was marching

(and Robert Kennedy was campaigning), King was

determined that massive, nonviolent civil disobedience

would end the dominance of democracy by corporate

and military power. The powers that be took Martin

Luther King seriously. They dealt with him in Memphis.”

Jim Douglas.

This is still what we need now in the USA…massive,

country wide demonstrations, boycotts, the arrest of anyone

involved in the plundering of the economy, civil disobedience

in a big way.

It won’t happen because, from sea to shining sea, the USA

is turning into a penal colony for most of it’s willing citizens,

through mind manipulation, through stress and the drugs to

treat the stress. The evil beings have done a fantastic job.

Each human has the potential for a free mind. The task now

is to not be overcome by the pressures of the Overlords. The

task now is to remain human in the face of world deception.

This is the brave man and woman's path of warriorship at

this time.


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