Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Little Feat

One of the great rock and roll bands. I saw them in Denver,

late 80’s. My friend, D’s brother was visiting from California.

D. said to me: “We’ll take mushrooms and see a concert with

Hot Tuna and Little Feat. “ I said : ”Sure!” Also, D’s sister

was coming and bringing two of her friends as blind dates

for D’s brother and me…..”Sure!”

We took the ‘shrooms at D’s house and picked up the ladies

in Denver. The moment we were walking into the concert

venue, Fiddler's Green, al fresco under awning structures, the active

ingredient became active. The ladies that D’s sister brought

seemed to have an agenda. The petite one immediately latched

on to D’s brother. The other, lanky, not unattractive, was left

to see what she wanted to do with me.

When Little Feat came on, the drug really kicked in. I was

having trouble handling the waves of hallucinations, my

perceptions were melting. The music was a fantastic reverence

point…”I’d Hate To Loose Your Love.” Yes…I was talking to

my own mind at that point.

D’s brother got up and left to the bathroom. At that point, the

audience was on it’s feet…everyone was dancing…except my

date. I couldn’t care about anything except surfing the ocean

of my mind. After several songs, D’s brother hadn’t returned

from the bathroom. My date said “What happened to D’s

brother?” I said; “Well, he’s high as a kite on mushrooms and

it might take him a while to find his way back here.” She says:

“And he’s driving us home?” I shrugged my shoulders and

kept dancing. After a while longer, D’s brother returned. As

soon as he sat down in his chair, the petite brunette jumped

into his lap and started making out with him.

I started talking to a woman sitting next to me….not my date.

I knew she was a Buddhist, but I had never spoken with her

before. I poured my heart out to her about my relationship

with my daughter, and cried and cried. She took it all in

quite well.

After the concert, we all gathered outside. It was obvious the

brunette was taking D’s brother home. I was told I was

welcome to take my date home, but I declined.


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