Wednesday, June 20, 2012


“Here is a rubbish of human rind,

With a photograph clutched

In the half of a hand,

And the word: “love” underlined.

Here is a dog of no known kind,

With one black eye and one white eye,

And the eyes of its eyes

Are as lost as you’ll find.” e.e.cummings

Even the thought of fame, of being known in

any way, repulses me….I’d cover myself in my

own shit to avoid it…it’s

a world filled with jackals and hyenas of corporate

blood-lust glee ready to tear into whatever entity

seems to be currently ripening….

One could reconsider whether this realm we live in is

the Human Realm anymore…or, is it dissolving from both

sides: Jealous Gods on the one side, Hungry Ghosts drifting

into the suburbs of Hell on the other? Peoples have been

talking about this moment in time for thousands of years.

The handwriting….well….it’s all over your face.


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