Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rant #9

I hide in my drunken barracks, no cocoon…

in the sun and rain and earthquake…ready for

seppuku by natural causes…”IN UNITY IS PARADOX”

…never mind what the caterpillar said, or, is never mind

what he said?…it takes two to tangle up in blues…

Lilly Krauthammer was a sweet young thing ‘til she turned

psycho killer for the cache…no use making faces to meet

the faces…might as well go in with your pants down because

that’s they way you’re coming out anyway…nothing sane

about adjusting to insane society, says Krishnamurti…

we believe the lie so bad we can’t even see the truth much

anymore…flags of all colors obscure the horizon…

everyone’s trying to get to “normal”, but. like a mirage, it fades

back the closer you get to it…this ain’t just happening…clouds

just happen…trees just happen…but, no, it ain’t natural and

someone’s doing it…everyone else, mostly,

just going along with it.

Got any ideas? Well, no, I mean I think this one is going to burn

itself out like a bonfire….take the whole world with it…not a big deal

as everyone’s karma gets distributed throughout the universe

appropriately….mind not being created or destroyed, as we know.

I think yelling “FIRE!” is OK, particularly when the theatre IS on fire,

someone might wake up at the last second, instead of watching the

camera lens burn the film and think that’s part of the movie.


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