Friday, June 15, 2012

Big Chill

Big Chill

“The best lake all conviction,

while the worst are full of passionate intensity” W.B. Yeats

Perfect weather….

a “Servietta”, white

butterfly, flies like

a napkin fluttering

in the wind outside

my window…

watched “The Big Chill

a few times lately…

movie about the loss

of the hope of the Sixties,

the chill that set in when

the hippies got regular lives

in a system they couldn’t


…hurricane off the coast

of Mexico…come on, Baby,

do me….

This movie, “The Big Chill”,

condensed what happened

to Boomers…in the 80’s…

specifically, some of the truths

of our generation (“My Generation”)

are behind the “Occupy” and other

movements as an antecedent…

as were John Brown’s raid on Harper’s

Ferry, the massacre at Kent State….

yada, yada, yada……until now….

when the chaos is, more or less,

becoming full blown….so, “Big Chill”

becomes a quaint remembrance

of when we were still human

and being compromised... eaten

by the system....while there still was

something else.


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