Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On The Beach

Listening to Beach Boys
endless sand
still civilization echoes
in my ears, in my head…
as the horizon surfs out

I’m changing my name
to John Toe Tag Tootsie…
(occurred to me dragging
my toe in the sand…the
whole world is then my

No one left to share…
(true for most oldsters
anyway)…no one else
knows. Of course, at
best, back then, there
were but one or two.

“My Stingray is light,
slicks starting to spin,
but the four thirteen’s
really digging in….”
“Oh, that magic feeling:
nowhere to go!”

It was all worth it, not lost,
it’s all so vast a magic carpet
rug burn ride through time
and space and matter…
the only punch line
possible is forever.


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