Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Over Reactive

Oh, I’m worried about Fukushima #4
Even more than I am Iraqi war…
People die there, I know it’s true,
But if  #4 collapses that’s the end of me  and you….

It’s an over reactive situation, can’t you see?
It ain’t me that’s over reacting, no sirree…
It’s #4, the “gourd of doom”, waiting to fall
Over reactive reaction…goodbye to us all.

Forget the sports page,  political process too…
if #4 goes there’ll be nothing left to talk about,
let alone lips to do the talking, when the world
becomes dead men and women walking.

Over reactive?
How can you tell?
Do you know the truth?
Can you tell me as well?

Tim Tebow, Hillary,  Kim Il Un….
put all the names in a hat….
stir them around….
pull one out…
doesn’t matter which one….
All’s One in One God State
Where God is Really One and
Life is Really Great….there is
nothing in a name….Ono….
(think "Help Me Rhonda" to a
Reggae beat)

And if #4 goes, the only good
your name will be will be for
your toe tag, Tootsie.


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